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Shoals School Corporation
Elementary School
Shoals, Indiana
Professional Development

Feedback for Workshop

Integrating Curriclum with Technology
During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore some basic technologies and actively participate in an examination of how these technologies can be utilized to enhance student learning aligned with Indiana's learning standards.
  1. Introduction
    1. Four stages for change to occur
    2. What influences student learning
  2. When you should modify instruction
    1. Brainstorm with 2-3 people how technology can impact/influence student learning (add to your curriculum).
    2. Know your software
      1. What is your comfort level for technology use
      2. What is your student's comfort level for technology use
      3. Explore ways software can be used as a springboard to a variety of instructional approaches.
  3. How to modify instruction
    1. Using pre-assessment strategies, identify what curriculum content needs to be addressed
    2. Identify learning standards
    3. Select the software program that will best address the goals and standards for student learning
    4. Define the learning goals for this lesson
    5. Develop assessment strategies
    6. Assess where your students' comfort level is with this software
    7. Pre-plan how you will prepare your students for using technology
      1. computer lab setting
        1. assign computer stations
        2. heterogenous grouping
        3. identify technology helpers
      2. one computer in the classroom
        1. personal productivity tool
        2. whole group instruction
        3. individual use
  4. Practice
    1. Visit these web pages for help in finding:
      1. Assessment: visit this page
      2. Marco Polo: visit this site
      3. More Lesson Plan Sites: visit this page
      4. Children's Literature: visit this page
    2. Get student feedback on lesson's effectiveness
    3. Personally assess your success and modify when needed
  5. Share your ideas with your colleagues