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Peru Community Schools
a workshop for BTLC

The Writing Site - AM and PM workshop
The Writing Site is a new free web resource for Indiana educators developed by the Buddy System Project. At the core of this site is an interactive tutorial for holistic assessment of student writing using the Indiana ISTEP+ rubrics. Learn how to use the interactive scoring tutorial to increase teacher confidence and skills in holistic writing assessment. Engage in writing assessment strategies that ensure consistent scoring results. Explore the writing resources on The Writing Site.

  1. Assess workshop expectations
  2. Explore The Writing Site
  3. Introducing The Writing Site
    1. Sign-up to receive quarterly newsletter.
    2. Explore resources on this site including:
      1. Exemplars
      2. Instructional Resources
      3. Practice Scoring
    3. Learn how to calibrate your scoring.
    4. Practice assessing three student papers.
    5. Explore more student papers online.
    6. Access resource files for training:
      1. Go to BTLC Moodle
      2. Select "The Writing Experience"
      3. Select "The Writing Site: an Introduction"
      4. Login as a guest
  4. Fill out Feedback forms for this workshop
    1. Evaluate this Workshop for Tammy
    2. Feedback for Workshop for BTLC