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BTLC Workshop
Dreamweaver for Educators: The Basics

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 is a powerful Web editor that gives you the tools to build a communication and interactive site for classroom use with ease. In this workshop we will cover the basics of the Dreamweaver MX program. Topics for this full-day hands-on session include: editing page properties, metatags, text editing, spell checking, inserting images, browser preview, links, and objects. Throughout the day, discussion about what makes a good website/webpage will be embedded and tips for "best practice" in web design will be shared.

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DreamWeaver MX 2004: Basic

  1. Reference links
    1. Buddy2 – http://www.buddyproject.org
    2. Buddy Teaching and Learning Center – http://www.btlc.org
    3. Designing web sites - http://www.tammypayton.net/courses/design/
    4. Free web development resources – http://www.bravenet.com
    5. HTML help - http://resources.bravenet.com/quickref/html/
    6. Preview your web site at Buddy Central - http://www.buddycentral.org/
  2. What do you already know? What are your expectations?
    1. What is good web design? (visit this page)
      1. view evaluation rubric for web sites
    2. Looking at other school sites (visit this page)
    3. Deciding on your site content (visit this page)
  3. Know your working environment
  4. Setting your site preferences
    1. Select the color scheme for your site by attaching CSS
    2. Setting up your navigation links
  5. Edit page properties and add meta tags
  6. Review text editing, spell checking & line breaks
  7. Selecting, editing and inserting objects and linking pages: images & tables
    1. how to save a graphic (visit this page)
    2. how to find a graphic (visit this page)
  8. Checking links and fixing broken links
  9. Browser preview
  10. File naming conventions & Bibliography

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