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Lesson Plan Template
Here are downloadable lesson plan formats in Word and PDF which can be duplicated as you work to integrate technology with classroom curriculum. Once you've downloaded these files, save them on your computer before you begin editing them.

*lesson plan - word

*lesson plan - pdf

Adapting Lesson Plans

Content of what is taught Include in this column the knowledge the lesson is focused on. These are typically the sub-headings of the academic standards. For example if this was an English/language arts lesson, you might want to indicate if the focus is on comprehension, fluency, phonics, listening, graphic organization, etc. If the lesson was mathematics, the content may include number sense, computation, geometry, data analysis, problem solving, etc.

List the particular standard(s) your lesson is addressing. This could include more than one curriculum area (e.g. science as well as math). List the number of the standard such as:

English/L.A. 6.4.5 - use note-taking skills

Software Title state the specific name of the software students will be using (e.g. Access, Excel, Kid Pix, etc.)
Student Assessment What assessment will be developed and reviewed with the students before they begin this project? For additional tips on developing student assessment, visit this page: assessment
Level of Technology Use State whether the students have had the opportunity to explore the software before being assigned a formal lesson. How knowledgeable and comfortable are they with this software program?
Pre Lesson State how you will prepare the students before they begin this lesson. What scaffolding will you include to support student learning in this lesson? Will you use project based learning? Heterogeneous grouping? Have you identified tech helpers? Have you guided the students to connect prior knowledge about the subject area before the lesson began (e.g. brainstorming and concept mapping)?
Lesson Goals In this section, include the learning goals and objectives for the students.
Any school is welcome to use this format as you begin planning technology integration with your classroom curriculum. However, please email me and let me know if you are using this and what modifications you used or how helpful this lesson plan format was to you: tammy@tammypayton.net