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Exploring Kidspiration
Explore this outline and research online examples of other educators using Kid Pix with their classroom curriculum.

Kidspiration Workshop Outline

    1. Opening Activity: (download either file) word/pdf
    2. Introductions
      1. Quick Tour of Kidspiration
    3. Standards, Assessment and Rubrics
      1. How Kidspiration Can Meet Standards
      2. Example 1 of Teacher Made Template with Rubric
      3. Example 2 of Teacher Made Template with Rubric
    4. Exploring Kidspiration Online
      1. Kidspiration Ideas and Templates
      2. K-3 Kidspiration Activities
      3. Using Kidspiration to Explore Thanksgiving
    5. Basic Concept Mapping
    6. Switching from Picture to Outline View
    7. Using the Super Grouper
    8. How to Create a Template