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Flash: Beyond the Basics
Adobe Flash for Educators: Beyond the Basics
(Target Audience: ALL who have a basic understanding of Adobe Flash) This course will provide a hands-on demonstration of the features and capabilities within Adobe Flash that will enable you to create buttons, begin using Action Scripts and create Flash-based quizzes. Participants should already be familiar with the use of the time line, tweening, objects, symbols, layers and sound in Flash.

Adobe Flash CS3: Beyond the Basics

  1. Reference links
    1. Buddy2 – http://www.buddyproject.org
    2. Buddy Teaching and Learning Center – http://www.btlc.org
    3. The Writing Site - http://thewritingsite.org/
  2. What do you already know? What are your expectations?
  3. Workshop Evaluation Link: for BTLC and for Tammy
  4. Explore how students and teachers have used Flash as a productivity tool
    1. Explore examples of students using Flash as a productivity tool:
      1. a site created by a second grader: go there now...
      2. several examples of students using flash: go there now...
      3. middle school examples of student work: go there now...
      4. elementary example of a history project: go there now...
      5. high school student examples: go there now...
    2. Explore examples of teachers and schools using Flash as a productivity tool:
      1. displays an introduction for teaching searching strategies: go there now...
      2. displays classroom projects: go there now...
      3. creates an interactive map of the district's resource: go there now...
      4. banner on a teacher's web site: go there now...
      5. a school web site example: go there now...
      6. an example of an ESL/EFL teacher using flash: go there now...
      7. this is a kindergarten teacher's use of flash: go there now...
      8. visit this teacher's section on flash projects: go there now...
      9. select the titles that are followed by (F) to see an ESL/EFL teacher using Flash to produce quizzes: go there now...
    3. Explore third party sites using Flash as a resource tool for teachers and students
      1. scroll to the bottom of the page and select to view the Flash versions: go there now...
      2. here is an example of teaching music: go there now...
      3. visual and auditory phonetic displays of English & Spanish: go there now...
      4. an interactive history web site by PBS: go there now...
      5. an interactive site on the human body: go there now...
      6. audio animated stories for the elementary student: go there now...
      7. resource website for PreK-6th grade: go there now...
      8. an example of math problem solving: go there now...
      9. an online story book with music and animation: go there now...
      10. read-write-think uses flash for K-12 student interactive work: go there now...
      11. visit the two columns title "on-line story" and "on-line activity" for pre-school examples: go there now...
  5. Knowing your working environment
  6. Workshop Activities: buttons - Visit the ONLINE handout for this workshop
    1. Activity one: button states, types and rollovers
    2. Activity two: rollover buttons with text
    3. Activity three: duplicating and aligning buttons
    4. Activity four: adding sound to buttons
    5. Activity five: adding invisible buttons
  7. Workshop Activities: Movie Clips
    1. Activity six: defining and creating a movie clip
  8. Workshop Activities: Action Scripts and Behaviors
    1. Activity seven: Adding Stop and Play functions to Buttons
    2. Activity eight: Creating web page links
    3. Activity nine: Targeting Web Pages within Multiple Scenes
    4. Activity ten: Exploring Static and Dynamic Text
    5. Activity eleven: Loading Dynamic Text from an External Source
    6. Activity twelve: Creating a Slide Show Using the UILoader
    7. Activity thirteen: Adding Multiple Videos to a single stage area
  9. Workshop Activities: creating quizzes with Flash
    1. Basic facts about quizzes with Flash
    2. Activity fourteen: creating a quiz
      1. Link to Macromedia's tutorial on how to edit the quizzes


Yeung, R. Macromedia Flash MX 2004: Hands-on training.
Peachpit press: Indianapolis, IN, 2004.
Resource websites:
  1. Flash Kit
  2. Flash Loaded
  3. Games in a Flash
  4. Case Study for Schools using Flash and DreamWeaver
  5. PDF: Creating Projects: Learning and Serving through Project