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DreamWeaver: Beyond the Basics
MacroMedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Educators: Beyond the Basics
Once you've mastered the basics of DreamWeaver MX 2004, you find yourself quickly wanting more from this robust program that will help you create a classroom tool. Come to DreamWeaver MX 2004 to explore even more possibilities. In this exciting workshop we will cover creating navigation bars, animated rollovers, and tables.

DreamWeaver MX 2004: Beyond the Basics

  1. Reference links
    1. Buddy2 – http://www.buddyproject.org
    2. Buddy Teaching and Learning Center – http://www.btlc.org
    3. Designing web sites - http://www.tammypayton.net/courses/design/
    4. Free web development resources – http://www.bravenet.com
    5. HTML help - http://resources.bravenet.com/quickref/html/
    6. Preview your web site at Buddy Central - http://www.buddycentral.org/
  2. What do you already know? What are your expectations?
  3. Reviewing:
    1. Know your working environment
    2. Setting your preferences and site control
    3. Inserting objects, Checking your links
    4. Fixing broken links
    5. Browser preview, File naming conventions
    6. Editing buttons
    7. Creating your site content
    8. Bibliography
  4. Beyond the Basics
    1. Inserting a Navigation Bar Rollover
    2. Inserting an Animated Navigation Bar Rollover
    3. Inserting Pop-Up Text
    4. Tables
      1. sort content of a table
      2. check spelling
      3. add padding and borders
      4. add "no-wrap" to selected cells
      5. set cell alignments, color cells, change font
      6. other options for formatting the table
      7. inserting rows and columns
    5. Tables con't
      1. aiding readability for text using columns
      2. mixing fixed width with percentage

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