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Lesson Plans
This is a list of suggested educational databases to use that can enrich your classroom curriculum.

Lessons aligned with Standards

Indiana's Accountability System for Academic Progress - find Curriculum Frameworks and other lessons that are aligned with Indiana learning standards
Marco Polo - Internet Content for the Classroom
select the button "search MarcoPolo"

Search Engines

search the INSPIRE database (for Indiana residents only)
Ask Jeeves
search using "natural" language
Blue Web'n
use this to search curriculum area
Education World
search for general educational topics
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Teacher
seach by subject area
Think Quest Library
information created by students

Lesson Plans

Discovery Channel School
browse by grade level and subject area
ED Helper
Webquests, lesson plans, and more
Microsoft's Lesson Plans
cross-curricular plans for science and langauge arts
Microsoft in Education
tips for using their software with curriculum
Scholastic.com's Teacher Resources
browse by subject and grade level for PreK-8th grade


Ask Jeeves for Kids
seach using "natural" language
geared for PreK-2nd grade
geared for K-12 students
Kid Sites
geared for PreK-Primary children

Integrating Language Arts

K-12 Language Arts Resource
Children's Literature Web Guide
authors and illustrators
Carol Hurst's Literature Site
extensive literature resource
Teacher Views
K-8 literature resource
Caldecott Home Page
Official home page
Newberry Home Page
Offical home page
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Internet resources selected by librarians
Buddy Language Arts Sites for Kids
hotlist of sites

Author/Illustrator Web Sites

Integrating Math and Science

ENC Math and Science
visit their suggested hotlists of sites
Buddy Math Sites for Kids
here is a hotlist of math sites
Buddy Science Sites for Kids
here is a hotlist of science sites

Integrating History

American Memory
historical collections
Library of Congress History Lessons
designed for 4th grade and higher
Buddy Social Studies Sites for Kids
a hotlist of sites