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Communication Tips
These are Internet resources that you can use to strengthen home and school communication.

Communication Resources

As you build and integrate your teaching resources with the Internet, there are an increasing number of programs and/or sites that will support posting of grades, attendance, as well as communication tools between teachers, students, and/or parents and the community. A few of those resources include:

Think Wave
ThinkWave Educator is powerful and easy-to-use software that helps teachers manage grades and lessons, and securely posts grades on the Internet for students and parents.
Clear Learning: Test Pilot
Test Pilot turns a web server into a powerful online testing, tutorial and survey engine.
Free Drive
This is your Internet hard drive with global access. The FreeDrive TestDrive membership entitles you to 20 MB of free storage space, plus more features.
eBoard offers a FREE service that lets teachers quickly and easily post messages, photos and files online for students and parents.
This is a free student email system for schools. Gaggle student email accounts are similar to Hotmail. The difference is that these accounts can be monitored and controlled by the school. The messages are automatically monitored for inappropriate language and the students can be restricted as to whom they can communicate with.

Courseware for Managing Online Learning

Blackboard powers e-Learning and related commerce in the academic marketplace of schools, colleges, universities, and many of the top commercial e-Learning providers on the Internet today.
Supports excellence in online teaching and learning with course tool software, resources, and academic expertise.
eCollege partners with colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and corporate training organizations to design, build and support eLearning communities.