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Searching is a CINCH!
  CINCH steps
  Concept Mapping
  Identify your Engine
  Narrow your Search
  Credibility Assessment
  Helpful Resource
  Multi-Media Files
  Search Engines

Where in the WWW is it?
(Searching is a CINCH!)

List of Multi-Media Objects in this Lesson

This is a list of multi-media objects included in this course:

CINCH acronym appears on all pages of this online course
Within each CINCH step, the concept being addressed is highlighted
CINCH color poster (PDF format - need Adobe Acrobat Reader)
CINCH black and white poster (PDF format - need Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Two graphs illustrating two searching strategies
Visual representation on how topical searches are created
Checking for credibility
Determining how helpful is the resource
Introduction stating how this course could be helpful
Summary of the five CINCH steps
download Real Audio and Video Player Real Video
Four steps demonstrating concept mapping
download and install FLASH Flash
Flash movie of an overview of this course
download Adobe Acrobat Reader Print Resources (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)
Mapping Guide
Search Tools Chart
Searching Strategies
Assessing Web Pages
CINCH color poster
CINCH black and white poster

To see how "savvy-minded" you are with searching, take the test! Once you've completed everything, be sure to send me feedback on this course. Searching *IS* a CINCH!