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Searching is a CINCH!
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Identify your search engine

Where in the WWW is it?
(Searching is a CINCH!)

Identify your Search Engine
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The next step is deciding which search engine best fit the needs of your students as well as the topic. There are three kinds of search engines that you can use:

topical (subject) directories
There is an evaluation process before this site is added to this database, which allows more control over the content included. Use these search tools for elementary students.
keyword search engines
Information included on these sites are inputted with spider programs and offer less control over the kind of content found. Use these search tools for jr/sr high students.
reference tools
These are search engines that focus on a particular niche in information such as email addresses, business information, or travel information. Can be used by all ages.

For elementary students, using topical directories and reference tools offer the most credible search engine sources. For junior high and high school students, it is important to begin teaching them how to use keyword search engines.

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