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Evaluating and Using
Print and Media Resources

Take a Plagiarism Quiz
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Find out how plagiarize-savvy you are! Take this online quiz to see how well you can detect plagiarized work.

Activity Description
  1. Visit Indiana University's site where Professor T. Frick has created a quiz titled: What is Plagiarism at Indiana University?
    1. This quiz includes testing your knowledge on plagiarizing graphics as well as text.
    2. How well did you do?
    3. Do you still have gaps in your knowledge on detecting plagiarism?
  2. Now download this paper using Adobe Acrobat Reader: Avoiding Plagiarism: Mastering the Art of Scholarship.
    1. Why should you be concerned with plagiarism?
    2. Which part of this handout is the most helpful to you?

Now go to Note Taking Tips....


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