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Evaluating and Using
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Tips on Taking Notes
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A foundational building block for writing well constructed papers is the art of taking notes. Often students have never been shown what the process is for taking notes. This activity will show students this process.

Activity Description
  1. Begin by viewing the following flash presentation on how to take notes titled "Fact Fragment Frenzy."
    1. Select "Go To Demo."
    2. Now do some online practice by selecting "Find Fact Fragments."
    3. How helpful was this activity?
  2. Now download and print the following pages using Adobe Acrobat Reader:
    1. Notes and Quotes Activity 1
    2. Notes and Quotes Activity 2
    3. Notes and Quotes Activity 3
    4. How helpful was this activity?
  3. What are other note taking tips you have found helpful?

Now go to Citing Resources....


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