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Evaluating and Using
Print and Media Resources

Test Your Copyright Knowledge
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You have just researched copyright laws and public domain. Now you can test your knowledge to see how well you understand these important issues.

Activity Description
  1. Hall Davidson, Executive Director of Telecommunications in Orange County, California, created a quiz you can download and print that will test your knowledge regarding copyright and fair use issues. This quiz will challenge educators and students to think about their understanding of these laws. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.
  2. Download a print-friendly version of Copyright and Fair Use Quiz.
  3. Take the quiz...have students take this quiz, too!
  4. Now download and print the answers to this quiz.
  5. How well did you do? Do you need to rethink some of your educational practices?
  6. OPTIONAL BONUS ACTIVITY: Here is another quiz you can download and the answers.

Now go to What Is Plagiarism?....


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