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Evaluating and Using
Print and Media Resources

Practice Evaluating Online Resources
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OK. You've evaluated offline resources. Now it's time to evaluate online web resources. This step is divided into two activities:

  1. Discuss and brainstorm as a group how evaluating offline resources will be the same as well as different from the evaluation of online, web resources.
  2. Now visit these two web pages. Take notes on what you need to do to evaluate whether or not the web site is rich in content. (When you view these links, a new window will pop-up. Close that window after viewing that page.):
    1. Is the information developed and published by a credible source?
    2. How helpful is this resource? Is the content rich?
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. What areas did you include or omit in the brainstorming session before you visited the above links?
    2. What else would you include in evaluating web resources that the links didn't cover?

Now go to Practice Evaluating Online Resources: ACTIVITY 2.....


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