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Evaluating and Using
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Copyright and Fair Use
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You've probably discovered there is a limited amount of material that is in public domain. If it is not in public domain, it is copyrighted material, and if it is copyrighted, then there are restrictions on how a researcher can use the information they've found to support their research.

So what does it mean when work is "copyrighted?"

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (12 Nov 2003) states that copyright is:
Main Entry: copyright
Function: noun
Date: 1735
...the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell the matter and form (as of a literary, musical, or artistic work)

Activity Description
  1. Hall Davidson has humorously presented and informed educators nation-wide on this particular issue. At his web site, he offers copyright print resources you can download and reproduce. The handout listed in "number 2" is from his web site. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.
  2. Download a print-friendly version of Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers.
  3. Review this handout....have you ever violated copyright and fair use?

Now go to Take a Quiz....to see how well you know your copyright and fair use laws!


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