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Using Resources
  Prepare the Way
  Web Team
  Publishing Policy
  Student Permission
  Find a Host
  Copyright Issues
  Gather Resources
  Design Your Site
  Brainstorm Content
  Web Design
  Assessment Rubric
  Explore Examples
  Name Files/Folders
  Develop Your Site
  Page Layout
  Add Graphics
  Bring Traffic
  Site Interaction
  Evaluate Your Site
  Who Is Visiting

Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

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There are four major learning objectives for this tutorial.

  1. Learners will know how to prepare the way by:
    • developing their school web team.
    • exploring the need for a school-wide publishing policy.
    • identifying where they will publish their web site.
    • exploring what web sites and software they will need to develop their web site.
  2. Learners will know the steps for designing their site by:
    • brainstorming what content they want to include.
    • knowing the hallmarks are for good web design.
    • assessing the usability and reliability of other web sites.
    • story boarding the content of their web site.
    • knowing how to name files and folders.
  3. Learners will know the steps for developing their site by:
    • creating a web page lay out design.
    • planning their navigational links.
    • adding images to their site.
    • including credibility to their site.
    • understanding how to bring traffic to their web site.
    • knowing how to add interaction to their web site.
    • evaluating the design of their web site.
  4. Learners will know how to deliver their site by:
    • announcing their active site to web users.
    • checking to see who is visiting their site.

Ready to begin? Then select Prepare the Way: Web Team in the menu on the left-hand side to continue the lesson.


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